Miki Lovett  | Breakout. Monoprint.
Miki Lovett  | Fogbank, Monotype, Watercolor on Paper Miki Lovett  | Currents & Fences. Monoprint. Soy based ink on paper




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Miki works in monoprint, solar plate etching, and marbling. With an MFA from Boston University, Miki began working in weaving until a shoulder injury forced a reevaluation of how to express herself in her work. She turned to paper and silk marbling for many years that expanded into an interest in the wider world of printmaking. Over the last few years she has concentrated on Solar Plate etching and Monoprint.

Mixed Media Award, Artists Association of Nantucket – 2015
Boston Weavers’ Guild Award of Merit – 1987
New England Weavers’ Seminar Award – 1985

‘Nantucket Island Living’, Winter 2009
‘Nantucket Independent’, Sept. 3, 2008
‘Cape Cod Life’ Arts Guide, Spring 2008
Handwoven Magazine’
The Weavers’ Journal

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