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Creating an adventure is what motivates me in the process of image making, but what inspires me is the majesty of the natural world. Nature is a wondrous mystery with vast and interesting spaces, complex color, infinite forms and astounding textures.

Monotype commands a love for process with the endless variety of techniques, the touch of the hand and the element of experimentation. This great freedom enjoyed within relatively few boundaries allows for a rapid generation of ideas. I work with oil paint rather than printer’s inks because I prefer the consistency and greater availability of colors. Using both additive and subtractive methods and printing many layers achieves a richness and depth of color. This process allows me to improvise and innovate which is exciting to me.

Beginning with a non-representational structure, compositions are built with an eye to creating an imagined space with non-specific references to the natural world. Viewers are encouraged to wander through images as if visiting a “place” for the first time and to thereby share in the adventure.