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134 Compass Hill Rd
Wellfleet, MA 02667
P: 941-321-5532



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Cecilia Rossey is a multi-media artist trained in the fine and performing arts. A graduate of Daemen College and SUNY at Buffalo, NY, she lived a creative life in Italy as a painter, printmaker and choreographer. While an experienced printmaker, Ms. Rossey continues to develop her technique in workshops highlighting well-known artists Dan Welden, Kumi Korf, Frances Jetter, and Allison Saar.

Whether designing for the stage or staging a design, the elements of the creative process utilize a similar esthetic foundation. Her sculptural boxes incorporate printing techniques using solarplate etchings, woodcuts, collage and encaustic painting. Her print installations follow a similar procedure drawing from tools accumulated through years of experience in the creative arts.

Ms. Rossey has shown her work internationally and is experienced in producing art exhibits, organizing print fairs and producing theatre and dance productions in Italy and the States.

As curator, Ms. Rossey has organized nationally known artists for the exhibits "An Artist's Reaction to War" and "Food and Form" and "Off the Wall," an exhibit which featured the handpulled print extended to 3-Dimensional use and used in installations. She is presently working on a new concept exhibit, "BLACK.WHITE.REaD: Journey through the Maze” which will be presented at the Dadian Gallery, Washington, DC opening in October, 2012. These exhibits have toured the eastern coast. She is a member of the Printmakers of Cape Cod, Visual Arts Cooperative, and SheArt Network, on Cape Cod, MA and a former member of the Washington Printmakers Gallery.