Jane Lincoln | Ice Blue, Burnt Sienna, white-line woodblock print, 6 x 10 inches Jane Lincoln | Dusk, monoprint, 8 x 8 inches


441 Central Avenue
East Falmouth, MA 02536
P: 508-548-2876



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Jane Lincoln holds a MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She is listed in Studio Visit Magazine 2015, Art in America Guide 2016, and Who’s Who in American Art.

She is represented by Cove Gallery, Wellfleet; Kingston Gallery, Boston; and Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn.

As a printmaker, Jane creates both white-line woodblock prints and monoprints.

Uniquely, Jane combines the century old white-line woodblock technique with a contemporary grid format and her special sensibility for color. White-line woodblocks were developed in Provincetown, Massachusetts in the early 1900s. These abstract prints are studies on the subtle and disparate characteristics of color. Inspired by Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color, one square in the left grid is identical in color to one square in the right grid. This matching pair is separated and placed so as to have the same color appear different. Jane carves a Shina plywood block and prints on Kochi paper using gouache.

These white-line woodblock prints are in the collection of the Provincetown Art Museum, Cahoon Museum of American Art, and the Cape Cod Museum of Art. Jane’s monoprints are primarily landscapes intended to capture, through color layering, the mood of a fleeting moment observed.