Marian L. O’Connell  | Bellevue House Garden Marian L. O’Connell  | Lamp Post


18 Continental Drive
Middletown, RI 02842
P: 401-847-5508


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Art is an intrinsic part of my being and life. Inherent in all my work is the goal of portraying the mood and sense of place that captures my imagination. My images are things people can empathize with in their daily lives; the quiet little garden scene or a walk in the freshly fallen snow. My love of architecture comes out too and I would acknowledge that traveling to foreign countries, experimentation with new techniques, or even just a certain light upon a scene can inspire my etchings. However, my real motivation to printing is the joy in the process rather than the product… in fact, a deeply felt desire from within.

Living in New England no doubt influences my subject matter and as in the two works shown are two scenes on the Secret Garden Tours in Newport, RI. “Bellevue House Garden” is just the place to enjoy the water trickling under the red bridge similar to Monet’s famous blue bridge. The other “Lamp Post” is also at the entrance to one of the houses so similar to Gates in Newport.