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55 Pells Fishing Road
Brewster, MA 02631
Mobile: (774) 722-1165


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Mary Doering grew up in North Dakota. She studied Interior Design at the University of Minnesota, Ceramics at the Museum School in Pittsburgh and received her degree in Psychology from Lesley College. She has taught Ceramics in Connecticut and Art for the Mind, Body and Spirit in Massachusetts. She is also a published poet and has won awards both nationally and internationally in printmaking and photography. Her work has been included in more than fifty solo and group shows. She is a co-founder of a group of digital artists dedicated to expressing their vision using traditional and technological tools.

Doering is a multimedia artist creating highly stylized work that blurs the boundaries between photography, printmaking and other visual mediums. While photography is often component in Doering’s work, the image may be sanded or obscured with paint before it is combined with her original prints and drawings. She works intuitively, preferring surprise, as she layers a multitude of images, textures and shapes. The final results achieve Doering’s goal of expanding her artistic expression by combining traditional creative processes with new digital printmaking techniques.