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Image making is a way to interact and reflect my experiences. I am a full-time Professor of Art at Cape Cod Community College, teaching drawing, printmaking, design, book arts and papermaking. I am the mother of three adult children, and one grandchild and I have lived on Cape Cod with my husband for over thirty-five years.

Through painting and printmaking I arrange, alter and layer forms, shapes and color. My artwork explores variations and abstractly combines a variety of media. Inspired by travels, new methods and materials I create by making visual connections. Nature, the figure and architecture are recurrent compositional elements I use for reference.

The themes in my art vary in response to my surroundings whether it is here on the Cape or from travels to Italy and Japan. Recently, I created art which synthesizes Western concepts of balance and proportion with Eastern sensibility to nature and harmony. I layer multiple images making visual and metaphoric associations. I explore process as a creative challenge and use it as an avenue for expressive possibility. I incorporate multiple images, and photographic references creating visual stories of memory place and time.

I love to investigate new processes and techniques exploring a variety of printmaking, painting and mixed media. I create monotypes or monoprints which I combine with etching, woodcut or photography. Working with encaustics (painting with hot wax) is a way to integrate mixed media pieces which I then mount on wooden panels. These panels take on a unique meaning in their object-like structure and this offers increased possibilities to layer and combine additional textures and materials.

Art is a way to reflect the world. Art is my journey.